Rules of Playing the Bubble Soccer game


The bubble ball soccer game gets some inspiration from the ordinary soccer game, but there is still some distinct difference. For instance, the main difference is the equipment used. You can find a fun way to play soccer. Unlike in the normal soccer game, players of the bubble soccer game must wear the bubble ball suit.

This encourages bumping into each other while playing the game and it brings the fun in the game. You might be surprised to realize this game has some distinct rules that make it very different from soccer. It is mostly played for fun at parties or social events.

Rules of the game


When playing the game, there must be two times competing with each other. The minimum number of players in each team is three while the maximum number is five.

Another rule is the fact that there must be at least one female player on each team. The most interesting thing with the bubble soccer game is the lack of a goalkeeper to guard the scoring area.


The basic equipment for this type of game is the soccer game and the inflated bubble ball. The bubble ball is inflated and when in the upper body leaving the legs for free movement. The bubble ball has shoulder straps to offer support and prevent it from falling.

The ordinary soccer shoes are not allowed in the bubble ball soccer game. The players are advised to wear tennis or turf shoes when playing the game.

Safety during the game

To maintain safety during the game, the players are advised to observe the rules of the game. For instance, when a player falls on the ground, you have to give them time to get back on their feet without interfering. This is because they are vulnerable at this point. No rings and sharp objects are allowed in the field.

Scoring of goals

Like you probably know by now there is no goalkeeper in a bubble ball soccer game. There are however various ways of scoring like when the ball passes between the goal post, over the goal post or under the crossbar.

The team that scores many goals automatically becomes the when but in cases where the teams score an equal number of goals or don’t score anything goals, it becomes a draw.

Duration of the game

A bubble soccer game is traditionally played for 15 minutes and a half time of not more than 5 minutes is allowed between the games.