A Complete Guide to Renting a Party Bus

a comfy bus interior

What is better than a party? The answer to that will be a moving party! Limo is surely the most popular party vehicle for prom-goers, but once the group gets bigger, you’ll need a bigger vehicle as well. And that is when a party bus becomes a relevant idea.

Let’s imagine your party is taking place in Miami. And your first move may be to browse through the Internet with “Best Miami Party Bus” as a keyphrase on your phone. That is not enough! There are other factors you should consider so that your supposedly fun event won’t end up disappointing.

Make a Detailed Plan

party bus interiorThis step applies not only when you want to rent a party bus, but when you want to have a party in the first place. Is a party bus necessary? How much is your budget? How many people are coming along with you? What activities do you want to do on the bus, and how long? Do you know anyone who has experience with running a party on a bus? And since you are most likely to prepare the basic provisions for the party on your own, you definitely need to list the details.

After you have the answers to those questions, then you can begin to look for rental services in your area. You can reach them either by browsing on your phone or asking for a recommendation from a friend.

Choose the Right Bus

a party busIt is important to rent the right bus. For example, a standard party only allows around 14 passengers behind the driver. If you look for bigger units that can accommodate 20 to 40 people, you probably need to make a special request. 

Moreover, even though party buses are supposed to have a restroom in them, you must check for it. A party can go all night long. With all the booze and drinks, your guests will surely appreciate the convenience of a built-in restroom on the bus. 

Review the Rental Service’s Rules

If you’re an adult, and the party is for yourself and your adult friends, things won’t be too complicated. But if you are a high-schooler who has just graduated, you need to review the rental company’s rules regarding alcoholic drinks. Different states may have different laws about the legal drinking age. 

Moreover, even if you’re an adult, you should still need to observe the rental company’s rules, especially if you plan to have a wild party. For example, some rental companies may allow you to hire strippers and even provide pole dance floor inside, while some others may consider that as a misdemeanor. 

Pay a Close Attention to the Cost Estimate

Everything regarding the payment must be settled at least two or three weeks before the event. And you should make sure that the rental service won’t cost you more than 50% of the current estimate. You must observe the details of the terms and conditions, especially on the payment section, before you give your money.

Check the Bus in Person

What you see on the company’s website may not be real. And the last thing you want is to get a bus that looks dirty and unmaintained. Therefore, pay the company a visit and check the bus you want to rent yourself.