music legendsIt is undisputedly true that the industry of music is the most competitive when compared to any other but we need to know, who is the most famous artist right now? Since the days of great music legends like the late Michael Jackson and Bob Marley just to name a few, the entertainment sector has witnessed many artists who are here today but gone tomorrow. However, there are certain musicians who have been around for years but they are still doing well in the field despite the dynamic nature of the sector. Think of the likes of Birdman, R. Kelly and Lionel Ritchie.

The first name that will no doubt come into your mind when you think about the most famous is Beyonce Knowles. The artist does not only have a good number of followers on twitter but is equally among the leading as per the reports released by the resourceful Forbes magazine. She has played over 95 shows across the world since the year 2013 something that has given her fame through her wealth that is valued at $ 115 million. Apart from the impressive follow up on various social sites including facebook, she has had a great impact on the cultural life of many in the whole.beyonce

This has been evident through the fashion industry where everyone seems to be emulating her dress codes among other positive attributes of the star. In other words, she is the most influential as well as powerful entertainer of time. To herself she is takes pride in the fact that she has not seen anyone who works harder the way she does in life. However, the question who is the most famous artist right now still has other options.

Beyonce knowles You cannot talk about Knowles and get away unceremoniously without saying something about the most powerful entertainer cum investor behind her marriage life, Jay Z. Like the wife, Jay Z owns a great part of the world’s wealth. The artist joined the industry with a big bang. His album Magna Carta –Holy Grail attracted over $ 60 million. Moreover, the Roc Nation Empire with over 68 concerts has been a great boost to his way up the ladder. Could Jayz be the answer to who is the most famous musician right now? Let us not end the debate without mentioning Jay Z’s former protégé who has churned out hits like” Diamonds” and “we found love “. She is among the leading when it comes to fame. Finally Chris Brown cannot be ruled our either since he has been and is still strong in the industry.