Top most famous celebrities

Beyonce Knowles

She has inevitably featured in the world entertainment scene. She runs the world. Her biggest year comes with courtesy of the massive 2014 tour. The superstar song bird performed in 95 shows averaging $ 2.4 million per show according to the pollster. It’s at this time that she dropped her electrifying album titled Beyonce’. The record became the heat in iTunes in December 2014.’Drunk in love’ has recorded a sale of over I million. Her earnings are estimated to be over $115 million.


In the past 12 month DR.Dre has earned more than any celebrity. With the apple purchase of his DR.Dre beats for $ 3 billion. This has made him the most sought celebrity pegging a huge figure of $ 620 million. The entrepreneur has a massive influence in music industry and is currently mentoring Kedrick Lamar. Lamar earned 7 Grammy nominations award this year.

Oprah winfrey

The 61 year old celebrity is estimated to be worth $ 3 billion. Her role in the movie, the butler gave a mileage in the list of most powerful celebrity. She reaps million from her cable network, her rating has escalated with her association with the Tyler Perry’s citicom and the drama collaboration.

Katy pery 

She is 30 year old and her source of fame has been music. The divorced songstress has $ 40 million earnings to herself. This makes the pop star the highest paid in her category. She is also in the pay roll of endorsing brand like pop chips and cover girl. Katy Pery also has a fragrance ownership with the brand coty called killer queen.

Le Bron James

He is 30 year. He is in the basket ball fraternity. James is married with two kids. Back to back championship and 4 MVP awards are the instances that have made James the inevitable celebrity. He also happens to be the biggest star endorsement. This comes with sealing of deals with the coca cola McDonalds, Nike ad upper decks among many others. For instance sale of Nike shoes with his signature, he was paid $ 300 million in year 2013.

Ellen DeGeneres

The 57 year is a renowned TV personality. She is a drop out of university of New Orleans. She keeps moving her way up in the celebrity list. She is famous for her selfie’ photo which she took with a handful of celebrities while she was hosting Oscars awards-2014. Aside from her TV show THE Ellen De Generes Show’ she also own a production company.