How to throw a birthday party for kids


A birthday party is one of the best gift ideas that you could give to your child’s special day. Surely, it would boost the self-esteem and would leave a good lasting memory to your child. But how and where to start the exciting event? Here are the tips that might help you.

Essential planning

To obtain a successful event like a birthday party, you could have a careful and intensive planning in all aspects of the scene. To carry out your plan, you could organize different committees to help you. Do not take all the responsibilities all alone. Tap help from friends and any member of the family that you could assign any of the following tasks;

Selecting the party theme

It could be done both you and your child, choose a theme that in line with the interest and age of your child like Disney theme, animal adventure, favorite hero characters, sports, picnic, etc. The theme that within your child’s interest is fascinating and could have a lot of fun. A two-hour fun-filled party is more than enough to provide excitement and thrill. It is important to consider the duration of the activity and the time that it would start the earlier, the better for, the younger age.


Making the invitations

The invitation should be in the theme too. Other children would get excited relating the idea on their invitation. State in the message important details like the exact venue starts and end time of the party and the day of the event. Other information as note like bringing an extra outfit, swim wear and other stuff suited to the theme. It should be given personally ahead to the parents or to the child invited so they could set their schedule. It would be an advantage if parents would come along.

Considering the decorations

You could assign somebody to DIY the stuff ahead of time. But if you are almost out of time, buying could be the best option. There are a lot of decorations available in the stores that would surely fit your theme.

Organizing activities and entertainment

When all areas like the theme, invitations, and decorations are set and planned, the next step is the activities that would entertain all guest in your party. It can be a classic or new game idea, as long as it would give favor to interaction. Some of the activities you can consider include games, magicians, puppet shows, interactive activities and even a jumping castle hire as they could give your party a great atmosphere. In fact, you could add a jumping castle to the party whatever theme you would have.


Preparation of healthy food and drinks

The cake is the most timeless food that you could offer to a party like this; whether you would buy or make your own, see to it that the cake is within the chosen theme. Of course, a cake can’t stand alone, add some healthy food and drinks that both parents and children would enjoy!

Closure Activity

Have a chance that everybody could say goodbye to everyone. Parents who would be late picking their children could leave a contact number ahead. As the host of the event, never let any child go home alone or go with somebody else from the party. Check if everyone is having all the giveaways or anything as their belongings.