Rules of Playing the Bubble Soccer game

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Bubble soccer 3

The bubble ball soccer game gets some inspiration from the ordinary soccer game, but there is still some distinct difference. For instance, the main difference is the equipment used. You can find a fun way to play soccer. Unlike in the normal soccer game, players of the bubble soccer game must wear the bubble ball suit.

This encourages bumping into each other while playing the game and it brings the fun in the game. You might be surprised to realize this game has some distinct rules that make it very different from soccer. It is mostly played for fun at parties or social events.

Rules of the game

Playersbubble soccer

When playing the game, there must be two times competing with each other. The minimum number of players in each team is three while the maximum number is five.

Another rule is the fact that there must be at least one female player on each team. The most interesting thing with the bubble soccer game is the lack of a goalkeeper to guard the scoring area.


The basic equipment for this type of game is the soccer game and the inflated bubble ball. The bubble ball is inflated and when in the upper body leaving the legs for free movement. The bubble ball has shoulder straps to offer support and prevent it from falling.

The ordinary soccer shoes are not allowed in the bubble ball soccer game. The players are advised to wear tennis or turf shoes when playing the game.

Safety during the game

To maintain safety during the game, the players are advised to observe the rules of the game. For instance, when a player falls on the ground, you have to give them time to get back on their feet without interfering. This is because they are vulnerable at this point. No rings and sharp objects are allowed in the field.

Scoring of goalsbubble soccer 2

Like you probably know by now there is no goalkeeper in a bubble ball soccer game. There are however various ways of scoring like when the ball passes between the goal post, over the goal post or under the crossbar.

The team that scores many goals automatically becomes the when but in cases where the teams score an equal number of goals or don’t score anything goals, it becomes a draw.

Duration of the game

A bubble soccer game is traditionally played for 15 minutes and a half time of not more than 5 minutes is allowed between the games.

How To Select A Carp Fishing Gear For Outdoor Entertainment

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A fish

If you’ve had an interest in carp fishing you better do your assignment effectively for you to establish the kind of equipment you’ll need for this job. But if you’ve been in carp fishing for some time, you understand that you have to put up a tough fight with a sports fish before you bring them to the shore.

Durability of Equipment

It is also important that you have durable carp bait and a good tackle so that you may not end up losing the fish and the bait as well. It is good to use the special carp fishing rod. This special carpfishing gear fishing rod together with the bait will enable you to catch those big sea creatures. There are three types of carp fishing rods that you can go for. The all through action, fast tape tip action and the medium tip action are the three types.

Carp Fishing Beginners

The tall action is the best for a newbie while the medium is best for long distance because it offers more power at the handle. The fast tip rod is the best if you’ll be fishing very long distances. When choosing your carp rod, the test curve of the rod is vital. For instance, a 2 lb test curve is good for general use but you’ll be casting for long distances, and then a 3 lb test curve is the best.

Excellent Reel

As you choose your carp fishing gear, you also need a good reel to go fishing equipment with the rod. The bait runner type reel is one of the better choices. One reason to why is because they have the ability to let the line be pulled free from the spool at that time the fish runs away with the bait or when it strikes.

Also, ensure your gear is supplied with hooks. Depending on your preference, you can choose either barbed or babbles hooks. The best hooks are sized 4-12. It is good that your sinkers be heavy for them to sink to the bottom. They are vital gear for carp fishing. Last but not least you need to have the right bait. There are several types of baits available in the market, but the best is that which has a strong scent.
With all these ideas at your fingertips, you should be able to choose the best carp fishing gear that will ease your fishing career.